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The industry changing midarm quilting machine called the Q'nique 14+ is now known as the Q'nique 15R.
We'd also like to introduce the Q 'nique 15M, a budget-friendly manual only version. The sit-down version is also still available as a great space-saving option.

Q'nique 15M

A manual-mode quilting machine at an amazing price point. No stitch regulation.

Starting at: $3,299.95

Q'nique 15R


(Previously the 14+)

Quilting machine with built-in stitch regulation for easy beautifully-consistent stitches.

Starting at: $3,999.95


Get beautiful stitching with any of the Q'nique 15 models.

  • Each one features a high-power motor capable of 1,800 stitches-per-minute.
  • Thread tension is easily adjustable.

Stitch regulation (currently only available in the Q'nique 15R Model) keeps your beautiful stitches consistently the same length. As you speed up or slow down in your movements, the machine will speed up and slow down its stitching speed, so you won't have to worry about some stitches being longer or shorter than others.


Familiar Stitching Process

Quilting the natural way!

New quilters are delighted to find how much easier quilting is with a quilting frame! Moving the machine to stitch is like drawing with a pencil on paper, not moving the paper underneath a stationary pencil.

Machine Quilting Frame Comparison Table

  Q'nique 15MQ'nique 15R
Stitch Regulation   None  
Screen   LCD Number Read-Out Full-Color OLED
Stitch Modes    
  • Manual
  • Cruise
  • Precise
  • Baste
Handles and Quick Access Buttons      
15 Inch Throat      
LED Work Lights      
1,800 Stitches Per Minute      
Built-In Bobbin Winder      
Large M-Class Bobbin      

Professional Quilting Features


Bring your projects to light

The Q'nique features high powered, daylight color–balanced LED work lights to illuminate your projects while quilting. You can even control the light brightness.

Other Features
Support/Customer Care

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Complete Quilting System Packages
Continuum King Frame (10ft.)
Q'nique Quilting machine and Continuum Frame Package
  • Sets up in sizes:
  • King/Crib
  • Frame Max. Length:
  • 127.75 Inches (including hand-wheel)
  • Special Features
  • Configurable to meet your needs


Q'nique 14+ with SR2+ Quilting Frame Package
  • Sets up in sizes:
  • Queen, Crib
  • Frame Max. Length:
  • 103 Inches
  • Special Feature
  • Quilt Clips included



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Q'nique Long Arm Quilting Machine

With stitch regulation, increased stitch speed, extended throat space, advanced control settings, and so much more; the Q'nique long arm quilting machine is truly the most economical long arm quilting machine on the market!


  • The 14+ inch throat lets you sew larger patterns and blocks
  • Larger throat space for a more convenient, less cluttered work area
  • Comfort Grip Handles
  • Convenient quick-access buttons for easy control of sewing functions
  • Every part has been fine crafted and tuned, to give up to 1,800 stitches per minute, so you can blast through your quilts faster than ever
  • Stitch regulation keeps your stitch length consistent, even as you speed up and slow down
  • The OLED screen displays an easy to navigate menu, which includes four different sewing modes
  • Included Motorized Bobbin Winder can wind a bobbin without running the machine
  • A bright OLED screen displays sewing settings
  • Large class M bobbin for longer quilting times without needing to change your bobbin
  • Easy-access bobbin for simplified changing
  • Dual-cone thread towers
  • Multiple accessory ports let you attach convenient sewing machine add-ons
  • Illuminate your work area with the integrated LED work lights

Quilting Controls:

The Q'nique long arm quilting machine was designed to be as user friendly as possible. All of the main controls and settings can be adjusted and controlled from the handles and seen on the full-color display on the front of the machine.

Needle Position:

There is no need to reach around the machine to adjust the hand-wheel, with a push of a button you can raise or lower the needle. By holding the button you can even set a "needle stop position" that will return the needle to that spot when you stop quilting.

Stitching Speed:

The buttons on the handle bars allow you to adjust the speed of your stitching faster or slower. These same buttons control your stitch length when in stitch regulation mode. The regulation will adjust the speed for a consistent stitch after you set the stitches per inch.

LCD Display:

Your most important settings and quilt functions can be found right on the front LCD display. This means quick access to needle position, stitching mode, stitch speed, or stitch length.

Stitch Regulation:

With four different stitch modes, the Q'nique is just as powerful as a high end long arm quilting machine but at a fraction of the cost.

The stitch regulation knows when you speed up and slow down, and will adjust the speed of the stitch according to your movements for a clean and consistent stitch everytime! The stitch regulation can handle the full power of the Q'nique, stitching 1800 stitches per minute!

Stitching Modes:

In Precise Mode you control the "stitch per inch" setting for consistently sized stitches. Stitch regulation adjusts the stitch speed as you quilt faster or slower. Precise Mode stops stitching when you stop moving the machine.

In "Cruise" mode, you set the SPI as well as a minimum stitch speed. Regulation adjusts to keep stitches consistent, but whenever you stop or slow your movements, the machine will continue to stitch at the minimum set speed.

Baste mode is perfect for when you want to do some long basting stitches on the edges of your quilt. You can set the the basting stitch length to short, medium or long.

Manual mode lets you control the stitch speed of the quilting machine. With the touch of a button on the handle bars, you can increase or decrease the constant speed. This is great for detailed or intricate stitching.

Basic Machine Includes:

  • Front handles
  • Electronic display
  • Encoders
  • Power cable
  • 3 Qty M-Class bobbins
  • 10 Qty sewing needles
  • Sewing machine oil
  • Allen wrenches, screw drivers, lint brush

Optional Frame Add-ons

The Q'nique works perfectly with many different frames including: Majestic Frame, Gracie King, Gracie Queen, SR-2 Quilter, Pinnacle Frame, GMQ Pro Frame, Little Gracie II, Next Generation, iQuilt Frame, Bernina (Dual/Single Track Hybrid), Bernina (Dual Tracks Only).

If you do not already own one of the frames listed above, bundle a compatible frame below with your purchase of the Q'nique and save even more!

Grace SR-2 Frame: (4th Rail Kit Cannot Be Added To This Frame)

Q'nique Frame (Comes with cloth leaders):

Optional QuiltMotion Software w/ Creative Touch

Get precision quilting at your fingertips, with the new Quilter’s Creative Touch Software bundled with QuiltMotion! Use this new user-friendly software to design and layout your quilt projects on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablet or PC, and let QuiltMotion quilt it with precision.

Quilter's Creative Touch Software does not come with a tablet. Here is a list of recommended Windows 7 and 8 tablets if you don't have one already. *Quilter's Creative Touch can also run a PC or laptop.

Quilter's Creative Touch Software Added Features

Quilter's Creative Touch carries over the basic functions of QuiltMotion, with a wholly new designed user-interface and many new features. Every function has been carefully re-designed to make pattern creation and quilt design easier.

User-Friendly Design Is Easier To Use

The Intuitive Quilter's Creative Touch Software has been designed to work on Windows 7 and 8 tablets to put all the creative power right at your sewing machine. No PC or laptop is required when you have this easy-to-use software on a tablet. Even take the tablet and software with you, to design-on-the-go!

Included Library Of Over 200 Patterns

Quilter's Creative Touch Software is loaded with a library of over 200 patterns to choose from. You can always import new digital patterns from other sources, or design your own quilt patterns on your tablet!

Panto Stacker: Simplified Pantograph Creation

Creating and editing pantographs is even easier with Panto Stacker! Alternate rows, sizing, and number of patterns can all be edited in a few simple clicks.

Font Stitcher

Add unique elements to your patterns by including text and fonts from your system!

Virtual Longarm

Quilt larger patterns, no matter the size of your sewing machine! Virtual Longarm splits and prepares patterns to be quilted by machines with various sized throats.

Trace New Patterns From Photographs

Create quilting patterns from your favorite photographs! QuiltMotion lets you trace them and save them as quilting patterns.

A mid-arm machine fills that “just right” spot between a domestic sewing machine and a long-arm quilter. Until now, however, the mid-arm buyer had to sacrifice many of the features that the long-arm offered. The Q’nique Quilter 14+ provides everything one would expect from a mid-arm, plus many functions that until now had been the exclusive hallmarks of larger, much more expensive machines.

The Q’nique Quilter 14+ quilting machine is a bold new breakthrough into the mid-arm category. Brought to you by the Grace Company, an industry leader in frames and accessories, the Q’nique Quilter combines the features of a long-arm machine with the size and affordability of a mid-arm. This new affordable mid-arm quilter is loaded with professional features normally reserved for more expensive quilting machines.
Slideshow Video of the many great things the Qnique Quilter 14+ has to offer.

Q'nique 21

The Professional Features You Want At A Price You Will Love

The Q'nique 21 offers a level of quality in precision stitching, user–friendly features, and designed engineering never available before in such an affordable package.


With Continuum Frame

Q'nique 21 longarm quilting machine

With the release of the Q'nique 21 Longarm, the Grace Company continues its focus on the customer by employing quality, comfort, and convenience at every level. Like the Grace Company itself, quality is at the heart of the Q'nique quilting machine.

Q'nique 21 longarm quilting machine
Q'nique 21 inch throat space longarm quilting machine

The Q'nique 21 features 21 inches of throat space from the needle to the back of the work area. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks.

machine quilting block sizes

Superior Stitching

Built–In Stitch Regulation For Beautifully Consistent Stitches

The Q'nique 21 features a powerful motor, delivering up to 1,800 stitches–per–minute.

It also includes a built–in stitch regulation (a high–end feature normally found only on more expensive long–arm quilting machines.) The Q'nique 21 has been precisely encoded for a beautiful, consistent stitch. Stitch regulation is available on three of the four different stitch modes to give you maximum control over your quilting.

Featured Box Image

STITCH REGULATIONHigh–resolution encoders precisely track the machine’s movement and tell the motor how fast or slow to stitch.

Featured Box Image

1,800 STITCHES PER MINUTEThe Q'nique 21 features a powerful motor, delivering a smooth stitching experience with a top speed of 1,800 stitches–per–minute.


The handles are the number one way you interact with your sewing machine, so we designed the handles on the Q'nique 21 to give you the best quilting experience possible. All major functions and settings can be controlled right from the handles and easily navigated using the full–color display.

longarm rotating handles


The handles of Q'nique 21 adjust to the most comfortable position, so you can quilt in the way that feels most natural. The handles can also be rotated down to a "micro–handle" position for precise control over fine stitching and stippling.

Comfort Grip Quilting Machine Handles


The handles have been designed with a comfort grip, following the contours and curves of your hand. The soft ergonomic handles relieve stress on the hands, letting you quilt for an extended period of time.

Long Arm Quilting machine handle buttons


All the quilting functions of the machine can be controlled easily right from the handles with the push of a button.


with a Continuum Frame
Q'nique 21 with Continuum frame



The Q'nique 21 introduces some innovative new features to the quilting industry. The Grace Company has been listening to what quilters have to say about quilting and their desired features. Every aspect of the Q'nique 21 has been carefully designed to add convenience and heighten the quality of the machine, of the stitch, and of the entire quilting experience.


qnique 21 longarm adjustable hopping foot

The patented hopping foot of the Q'nique 21 can be positioned for optimum visibility of the needle. Easily switch the hopping foot to either the side or the back of the needle according to your preference.

qnique quilting machine screen


A bright, full–colored OLED screen conveniently displays all of the current quilting machine settings and menus.

longarm quilting machine needle lights


You’ll love being able to clearly see each stitch defined with color–accurate, day–light balanced lighting.

qnique quilting machine bobbin winder


A high–speed automatic bobbin winder is built right into the machine. This makes refilling the bobbin a breeze! Just use the thread from one of the thread towers. The bobbin winder even shuts off automatically when the bobbin is full!


The Perfect Companion for the Q'nique 21
continuum frame for qnique 21 longarm quilting machine

The new Continuum Quilting Frame has been designed by the Grace Company to perfectly accommodate the Q'nique 21 machine. With steel and cast–alloy components, the frame is one of the sturdiest and longest–lasting frames ever designed. This modular frame has many available configurations and accessories. This is a no–baste frame designed to make your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful. The frame is available in standard 8' or 10' packages with the machine.

Continuum Frame Features

  • Available in 8' queen or 10' king
  • Channel locks for easy straight lines
  • Made from sturdy steel and cast–alloy
  • Steel fabric rails
  • Included leveling feet
  • SureTrack Carriage System